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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 21, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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consistently and it's difficult to get woohoo you. ts welcome to nhk world as light and gentle tummy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the workers and additionally she had removed about a hold of nuclear fuel from a reactor building partisan operation is essential to the conditions apply relief efforts of the philippines are finally make an impact but psychological damage from
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side to the audience is only just starting to fear. and south koreans are changing their ways and finding comfort. oh well. oh in charge of a cushion and i need to have taken another step toward the commissioning of the nuclear plant workers have removed the first batch of nuclear fuel from a damaged reactor building the workers move the container holding twenty two assemblies of nuclear fuel rods from the reactor number four building all of the rides on the news. a truck carried the container about one hundred meters to another building where the fuel will be stored tokyo electric power company is in charge of the plant company officials say the storage facility is much safer than the damaged reactor building. they say he can withstand an earthquake as strong as the one in march two thousand and eleven the workers next task is to transfer the fuel assemblies from the container to a pool then they'll begin moving the next batch of fuel more
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than fifteen hundred fuel assemblies remain inside the damaged reactor building most of them contained spent fuel. that's highly radioactive. present the plan are also making progress in their efforts to deal with the growing amount of radioactive water on site they're testing a decontamination system workers wanted to start using the advanced liquid processing system or alps this year. it is designed to remove sixty two kinds of radioactive substances excluding tritium that they suspended a test run in june after they discovered erosion of a tank allowed on the process water to escape can fix the problem and we started tests on all three of the system's lines. officials say they found that helps can't fully remove for radioactive materials including cobalt and auntie molly. they say they will improve the system before making it fully operational next year. tesco plans to add
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more lines to the system. he wanted the contaminated all radioactive water at the plant by march two thousand and fifteen. police in japan are piecing together of history involving a stash of cocaine worth millions bags of the drug washed ashore this week. the first ones were found in the city of york was scott the fisherman came across four backpacks on tuesday containing about eighty kilograms of cocaine shalom amanda and i found the bags hitched onto the track that used to bring up folks. i've never seen anything like that washed ashore. the bags are wrapped with waterproof tape small containers were attached to serve as a buoy they had a rest and sticks inside to make them visible police estimate this tree dahlia the cocaine and forty eight million dollars. they believe smugglers failed to collect the backpacks and c
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drug traffickers often use this back and drop off and pick up method with the help of a gps. in this case investigators believe the smugglers fail to grab the goods. japan coast guard always on alert for suspicious ships around them in two thousand and one they exchanged fire with a north korean spy ship officers believe the crew the vessel through a load of the recorder narcotics overboard. an expert on drug crime says more more young japanese are using cocaine excuses are interlinked with cocaine is cool. houston united states. two more bags filled with cocaine were found on thursday on beaches near tokyo police say a foreign criminal syndicate maybe focusing on japan as a new market. almost two weeks
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after typhoon high and struck the philippines many survivors are struggling to come to terms with what happened. he did awesome in bangkok is more. people in need of assistance is staggering four point four million people forced from their homes over four thousand confirmed dead and more than sixteen hundred missing. the national operation continues to distribute food water medicine to survivors the psychological needs the worst affected islands of late and some are still locked me in part to reach survivors and remote areas the philippine air force moved about one hundred survivors from the devastated city of hope on the capital manila. but that's only if the action of the total number of people want to be hundreds more are living in evacuation centers in your priced into the house has become a hotbed for relief activities whilst under
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welcomed a group of student riots here is a play games into pictures with children the am and after that had caused in trondheim for many of us. at first they get tired. volunteers appeared to lift their spirits this dvd will help them cope up with those depressed and they had the means they will forget those things that god made them then the emotions the press. it's the first in afghanistan are gathering for traditional that's only the voyager class when deciding whether us forces and will let me count kits will be on two thousand and fourteen the outcome will have a profound impact on the future stability of the war torn country the world's scientists reports. some two thousand five hundred talented and
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dignitaries from around the crowd that gathered in kabul on thursday for the opening of them with jude kristin hubby coz i emphasize the importance of concluding a deal with united states to form a film called that troops may get behind a wheat roll out the end of twenty fourteen. the cpp any decision you make here to be based on afghanistan's national interests. you should consider the prosperity of future generations. i put it to you that relations with the world are beneficial for our country and our prosperity but the same time that we must ever independents which is our dignity. the bilateral security agreement was finally concluded just one day only after tough negotiations between kabul and washington. if approved by the wall and you've got you would permit the united states to conduct combat operations. only in conjunction with the opt and fourth seeds. most
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significantly us troops who would get immunity from criminal prosecution in afghanistan. it's up to the people of afghanistan when i left trouble. that late night with president karzai and i had finished the major part of the negotiation. we both said it has to go the lawyer jirga there was some people who may have questions or doubted whether that was going to happen. washington suggested during the negotiations. you might recall from a gun east and completely without the deal only me in the key some often strongly all posing as a matter of national sovereignty. but many are also skeptical that afghanistan's own armed forces can come to the pentagon rid of long term u s support. a voyage of
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the blasting out the sky out tebow has been a strong sense of national pride. with the harsh realities of national security the psyches of that nhk won't you. this is the year as we all strive hard to know at least six people in pakistan. if confirmed the town could set off another wave of anti us sentiment increased tensions with washington. waters both the police officer who sat in on time round fired at his remark it's at an islamic religious school killing two teachers and three students police say the attack happened on thursday morning in northwest pakistan. it was the first drone strike reported from the killing earlier this month at the leader of the pakistani taliban the country's largest islamic extremists. here's cricket the u s news and
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trying to clean the bar a pakistani sovereignty and killing innocent civilians transfer the islamic militants operating in line with international law. and that wraps up the bullpen. in bangkok i knew. japan's central bank is not giving any hints that it'll stop its current pump priming measures despite of an onyx having an effect on growth. here's from madison. policymakers at the bank of japan have announced that they'll continue with current money boosting measures they say their assessment of the economy has not changed the central bank board members wrapped up their two day policy meeting. they say the economy is continuing to recover moderately board members say corporate capital investment is picking up as earnings improved with a consumer spending remains resilient and they see signs of rising employment and wages. the note that exports
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have been picking up but the policy makers pointed to some trouble spots include uncertainties about europe's debt crisis and weak economic conditions and emerging nations based on those assessments the board members unanimously decided to maintain the current large scale easing programme. we hope to achieve their inflation target of two percent. after the meeting boj governor huckabee cocoa in a spoke about the state of the economy. to those on bayou up in a company. auto sales have been clearly increasing and demand for tourism and other services have also been strong. we think consumer spending will be sol. the city expects a surge in consumer demand ahead of the consumption tax hike scheduled for april then a temporary pullback after that. he said even after the higher consumption tax personal spending is forecast to remain strong. on the global economy the governor said he expects the pace of recovery in the us and europe to pick up
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people who always the current slowdown and in some emerging economies could last for some time the state physical event i bought an upturn in the developed economies will help emerging economies and the fuel their growth again. curtis said a moderate recovery in japan will be supported by prince consumer spending at home and a rebound in growth overseas u s traded shares want to discuss which can possible tariff elimination of all agricultural products for trey. acting deputy u s trade representative wendy cutler is attending the fourth round of talks for the trans pacific partnership agreement that's underway in tokyo the talks run parallel to the free trade discussions now being held in the us cutler met the head of the ruling liberal democratic party ppp taskforce korea is a co op on thursday morning
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cover said all trade products should be put on the terror free negotiation table for bilateral discussions. she co respondent that the two countries' leaders have confirmed the existence of areas that should be handled with care. he said for japan on five key categories including price and we belong to those areas. it's a japan wants to decide on the items on which tariffs should be eliminated. workers at a group of factory specializing in auto parts have collaborated on an unexpected project. they've launched a deep sea pro and water south of tokyo a survey ship carrying the research vehicle but because the port and a double prefecture and will be at sea for three days engineers from a consortium of small factories and research institutions in the tokyo area develop the probe. it will conduct underwater research added depth of up to eight thousand meters. members of the factory group will try to take pictures of deep sea creatures. the vessel is equipped with a video camera it's an entire class. here
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they can withstand high water pressure. you can. we want to show people that even small factories can get involved in this kind of a project. and that he is confident the experiments will get success. alright as iraq prepares for now leave you with the markets in. the a
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senior white house official says us president barack obama will visit asia in april of next year. national security adviser susan rice said the u s remains committed to rebalance to get security and economic priorities to the asia pacific region. to address emerging challenges as effectively as we did turn conventional threats. purging our allies and partners. to take greater responsibility for defending our common interests and values. christ expressed hope for japan's goal to launch the national security council that would oversee the country's foreign and security policies. i spent in china's increase maritime presence and said the us is ready to help countries in the region communicate better to prevent forseeable events. she called on all parties in the region to resolve the issues based on the rule of law rather than through threats or
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aggressive actions. obama was forced to cancel this trip to southeast asia in october due to the partial u s government shutdown. a us official told nhk that the administration is now planning to bomb a strip but did not specify which countries he would visit. president obama paid tribute to the legacy of john f kennedy before the fiftieth anniversary of the former president's assassination obama visited kennedy's grave at arlington national cemetery near washington on wednesday obama along with his wife michelle and former president bill clinton and his wife hillary. later we had a great hang me then observed a moment of silence obama made a speech later in the day. he said. kennedy wanted to remind citizens that the power to change the country is theirs. that made me believe. the power to make gravy nation is bound in its people. and in their
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freedom. that was as awesome this is like this. the sad legacy it is serviced by the kennedy family continues today. kennedy's daughter caroline has just begun our duties as the us ambassador to japan. obama added that she is already popular with the japanese people. when south koreans head out for a meal they use they do so with family or friends most avoid eating on their own. but this practice is starting to change especially in major cities as in hk rolls on a john reports. this all on a typical weekday and office workers are out in force for
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lunch. boil. this is a restaurant that most of all people needed to get there in fact the strength in south korea welcomed us in various age groups of two or more it's hard to find a restaurant it was so cute you're on your road it's also sad to eat alone. i filled in the fight by myself so wanted to go out to eat with friends. but slowly things are changing. this fun little shop here for. it seems so so customers feel more comfortable. this shop has become popular especially among women because they can drop and for that meal on their own. someone in south korea. there's a strong case against the memo. this place as the tigers. it's like
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reading here i come here quite a lot. the popularity of this type of restaurant can be explained by the rising number of single households the twenty twelve national consensus on that twenty five percent of all suffering and hostels consist of just one person. he ordered the meal may be some call this worker. he started beating on its own five years ago. he used to it. almost all of his meals with friends or colleagues. if you are to be seen to it with him he use to stay home and make your way pot noodles or other fast it went without and constable going into vast tracts of law it usually do to you your mother with the neon has become more health conscious and decided he should eat
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better. searching on the internet on several restaurants that welcome solo diners. today is heading out for dinner at bbq yesterday i had on the menu is of balfour in sync options to try different this is in the end the judges all. this sign to become a bragging right here. he says he actually finds it more profitable to become law when your teaching adults with our books you can pretty much have to talk with them. ok on the other hand if you don't even know. well i think it's good to have some time to yourself. as the number of single person households life is in south korea. this is likely to result in more
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options for single customers not just knowledge but also in other areas of society and not on the euro zone and me. i do. and supercomputer developers in japan are celebrating another global achievement system they built this not only one of the fastest on the planet it's also earned recognition as the greenest. researchers at the tokyo institute of technology and electronics firm in dc created tube of a kfc the system top the list of the five hundred most energy efficient super computers around the world judges said it achieved for the half billion calculations per second for every walk of
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electricity to mama can seize creators achieve that energy efficiency through innovation in cooling the machines the diverse components of oil rather than using air. it's very significant that our system is not just the past but also recognize as the most energy efficient in the world. analysts say developers must work harder to limit power consumption as they compete to create even faster systems. psycho is moving towards india. our meteorologist robert spend a little rubber. let's start off i am talking about this i close. helen on doll pushing off their course the west are really a weak storm compared to its all back in september a team of recycle pile in with that moved onshore dallas had it on just us an incredibly strong winds this one on the lake and ninety five up to about a hundred five km prop up the equivalence here tropical storm was that when this was on the if this without
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the western pacific. but it is still bring in some heavy rainfall all along the eastern seaboard over the next twenty four hours expecting the delay in all their round friday afternoon as it does move onshore bring in about one hundred and fifty to two hundred millimeters of rain especially when rain along the cool clear is the good news most of this is getting sheared off towards the northeast so it is going to see some weakening very quickly after it does move onshore son of a prolonged eve and tear out cross courses india much to the rain from eating reading of the shoreline. well it's going on the americans though in all this is that much more widespread a very severe winter storm pushing across the rockies over towards the central and northern plains some areas here begin easing up about twenty centimeters of snow fall especially along the higher elevations in the rockies over towards denver colorado you can see about ten centimeters in many of the areas they hear across the plains up by the ten thousand head of this we have some rainfall we have the underlying called here with this so called front pushing through and that's kind of reducing the risk of some well freezing rain rain
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snow mix mixed in as well but some areas you will be seeing about three millimeters of freezing rain i know that those without a lot says three millimeters but you put that on the road in eastern china drive on a it makes for some very treacherous in very dangerous driving conditions that it's not just that u wanna watch out for but it's the call they are going to start to get wrapped up your call their diving in all the way from northern canada one of the biggest artic blast yet this year. it's a saturday and the weekend wherein the look of it after the well below zero. this is on thursday it will be getting colder. but for now this is the height we have taken minus nine chicago at nine well below freezing for the overnight lows even farther toward the east route to just eight still remain in the teens along the eastern seaboard fell over towards eastern asia as well. over the top of all the cool they're called search pouring in from the northeast making for some dry conditions across much of eastern china on the leading edge that the north east monsoon still bring some showers in the courses of northeastern was on the end and can also
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book criteria developing their into malaysia and thailand thailand artist in about a hundred fifty millimeters the past week or as i do think this slow to move up towards the west. a really similar conditions as and i have this so it could be seeing the next cycle and develop from this sum to keep an eye on through the coming days for now though as far as he went to whether they're into japan we haven't see some snow fall of twenty seven meters next twenty four hours a novel could be expected us to move up towards the east next big storm is coming from this area there in eastern china on a wintry mix across much of central china korea the overt were spent by early next week. now wouldn't talk about the snow was chilly this pretty interesting in all i would call it. another cool video coming out of the all the sorrow islands is going to roll this time volcano in its the newly formed the island is just about two hundred meters across the sea of black smoke spewing out from it now because the sun in an earlier on today and a lot of people worry is this leading twee larger that not really this is actually just the natural
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geological feature in this part of the world and deftly very interesting well away from any population areas in something of an interesting look at the full year old mother. his accent work. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay i do. i do. just shy of pakistani teacher and education activists has received the european union
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award for human rights the european parliament award to the soccer world tries to individuals or groups to contribute to the advancement of human rights and democracy. my lovely use of diet has campaigned for education for women and children the pakistani taliban shot her in the head last year she was on her way home from school. the president of the eu parliament. crazy la like for her efforts. is it on your already a worldwide icon to fight for the right to an education. you are a symbol of resistance against fanaticism swells. the main the remaining chicken. i did i'm thinking when they cannot go to school. since past recipients of the stock of clients include nelson mandela and constant fatigue
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monday was our own and you know honey and illegal. each
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did it. and. heck. he is
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here. we're in it. i knew i was. i was. the this is part three of design talks special officer to tea tree and now to an art festival starting on violence in the circle him and see. although she is an island with the tradition


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